Comfy Knitwear for Home


Along with his lessons on how we can become better people, Fred Rogers taught us something about clothing. Each of his “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” episodes started the same way: he’d come home from some unseen outside world, hang his sport coat up in a closet, and then reach for one of his trademark cardigans. The message was subtle, but there: changing into simple, comfortable clothes can be a way to hit the refresh button. By trading stiffer jackets for softer knitwear, we shrug off the day’s stress. 

My own at-home uniform is similar, although not nearly as charming as Mr. Rogers’. I wear either a white t-shirt or light-blue button-down with 3sixteen jeans, Town View moccasins, and a chunky, shawl collar cardigan. The cardigans are plush, multi-ply lambswool pieces, which make them feel like comfy blankets. Slip one on and you instantly feel more relaxed at home – not to mention save on heating bills. 

They’re also great for hosting guests during holiday parties. Layer your knitwear by pairing a chunky, shawl collar cardigan with a thin, merino turtleneck, or wear one in lieu of a jacket with grey flannel trousers and a button-up. Doing so allows you to look casual, but still dressed. The next day, you can use that same sweater for grabbing coffee in the morning. Nothing is better for beating that early morning chill than throwing on something that’s both easy-to-wear and warm. 



Far and away, the best cardigan is this cashmere piece from Drake’s, but it’s dearly expensive. If you can afford one, you have my envy. Otherwise, you can opt for more affordable materials, such as camel hair or lambswool (the first of which Drake’s also sells). My own cardigans include a navy lambswool piece from Ovadia & Sons, and a brown lambswool from The Armoury. They’re soft, spongy, and supremely comfortable, but fit in slightly different ways. The O&S is fuller-fitting with a long lapel roll, while The Armoury is trimmer and has a wide lapel that sits flatter against the chest. 

You can find other good shawl collar cardigans from Scott & Charters, which is carried at No Man Walks Alone and Exquisite Trimmings (both sponsors of this site). The first offers a 10% off discount with the checkout code DWW10, while the other is holding a 20% off sale this week with the code SFEXQ20. I also like the ones from The Andover Shop, Hardy Aimes, and Maison Kitsune. For something less conservative, try Ami, RRL, and Richard James; for something more affordable, look into Club Monaco, Brooks Brothers, and J. Crew.  

Granted, even with the best cardigan, you probably won’t look as handsome as President Kennedy below, but at least you’ll be comfortable.  

(Photos via Ovadia & Sons, The Armoury, Drake’s, and Mr. Porter)