Aspesi: Field Specialists

One of my favorite pick-ups last year was an M65-styled jacket by Aspesi. Aspesi is a high-end Italian casualwear brand that’s perhaps most known for their lightweight down-filled jackets. Some of my favorites from them, however, are their cotton field jackets, which more often than not are military inspired. These days, as Spring’s rain and chill seem to have dragged on, I’ve been finding that I wear mine quite often. Perhaps not with a suit (I have no illusions that I’m in Men’s Ex or The Sartorialist), but certainly with casual ensembles and even the occasional sport coat. 

Aspesi has a few decent pieces this season. The most basic and straightforward is this field design in brown and olive green. Mr. Porter also has one made from a Japanese cotton twill, if you want something that looks a bit more worn and rugged. For something less military looking, you can get the same design in black or even a deep, almost blueberry blue. Either of those will make you look less like you just stepped off of a base. 

The design is the same – four pockets with a funnel neck and zip out hood, just in case you should find yourself caught in an unpredicted, light shower. The waist has a pull-in cinch to give you a more defined shape. My own piece has a traditional field jacket collar (with collar points), and no epaulets, but I can’t seem to find pictures of it anywhere. If you’d like to check out more Aspesi designs, you can browse their current collection at their website

Of course, the problem with these suggestions is the price. $400-700 is a lot to pay for a casual field jacket. They do go on sale, however, to about half price at the end of every season. If you’d like something now, you can visit Yoox, which has two models in polyester – one in a range of browns, and a couple of others in blue and black. The material might not sound appealing at first, but I assure you that such technical fabrics are better if you intend to use this as a rain jacket. Mr. Porter has better photos of a similar Aspesi jacket you can consider, but if you’re still not convinced, Yoox also has a few cotton designs. Just browse through their general Aspesi inventory and find something you like. At ~$200, I think these are decent, spring outerwear purchases. 

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