Drake’s Grenadines

I used to have a couple of over-theorized opinions about grenadines. Grenadine, as you know, is a slightly textured silk that’s used for neckties. Most tiemakers get their silk from one of two weavers in Italy, Fermo Fossati and Seteria Bianchi, both of which produce two types of weaves. The first is Garza Grossa, which is a looser weave with a honeycomb-like pattern. The second is Garza Fina, which is more finely textured. 

My first opinion was that “formal” colors such as silver are best done in Garza Fina. That’s because such colors are typically worn with suits that have a smoother finish. Since larger scale textures and patterns are more informal, it seems only right that the finer texture of well-mannered Garza Fina should matched to a more formal suit. Other colors, such as navy, burgundy, or racing green, can be either Garza Grossa or Garza Fina, but I think ones matched with heavily textured jackets, such as a rough tweed, are better executed with Garza Grossa. Again, keeping textures and formality in harmony. 

My second opinion was that Garza Fina lends itself better to patterns. The finer texture seems to be better for stripes and pin dots, whereas I think executing it in Garza Grossa would make it too busy. 

Leave it to Drake’s to break of all my poorly formed opinions. This season they have grenadines of every variety you can imagine. There are stripes, plaids, and an interesting silk and cotton woven that has a two-toned effect. All of these come in Garza Grossa and Garza Fina variety, and a few are even made without tipping, a matter that used to be of some controversy, but no longer seems to be. 

Just goes to show, sometimes you can’t put too much stock in theories. In the end, you have to see it to judge, and these by Drake’s all certainly look wonderful.  

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