Howard Yount’s FW11 Flannel Pants

I’ve been busy packing up for Moscow, so I haven’t had time to write much, but to tide you over, check out Howard Yount’s FW11 preview. There are some nice sweaters and ties, but the best parts are the flannel pants.

If you don’t already have a good stock of flannel pants, these would be a great way to get some. I wear flannel pants as part of my regular fall, winter, and even early spring rotation. The wool has a soft nap, which makes them as comfortable as pajamas. The material also has an incredible depth and richness to its color, which gives them a bit of visual interest. You can wear them with tweed sports coats, wool blazers, quilted jackets, and nearly any kind of dress shirt. Shoes wise, I wear mine with boots and blüchers, but you could also pair these with plimsolls. 

If these are your first pair, get two greys before you move on to navy or brown. Really though, these are so essential and versatile that at some point, you should own at least three pairs of these types of trousers. 

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