How to Conservatively Wear Bracelets

I’m always a bit surprised by how many men flippantly turn their nose up at bracelets. Most think it’s too feminine and others think it’s too dandy. “Jewelry on men should be functional,” they’ll say, “and thus the only pieces a man should wear are cufflinks and wristwatches.” 

As if there was any real function to pocketsquares or lapel pins. 

I find that bracelets are often barely even noticeable when they’re worn alongside wristwatches. Especially if they’re conservative, dark brown leather pieces, discretely designed and of medium thickness. When the pattern is right, it can even complement your watch well. A braided leather, for example, can look nice next to a Rolex Julibee band. Pair these things with any normal conservative business dress, and the two accessories can give you a bit of verve.

Take this picture of Stephan Winkelmann, the long time President and CEO of Lamborghini, as an example.  Granted, there’s already a bit of flair in the details here (eg the spread collar with long collar points and unbuttoned mitered cuffs). However, it’s otherwise a fairly conservative business suit. On his right arm though, you’ll notice a dark brown leather bracelet. Nothing terribly flashy, but it does give him a marginally more stylish edge than if he wasn’t wearing one. 

I enjoy colorful and more decorative bracelets, but there’s also a case to be made for conservative ones. To execute this, pick one made from a dark brown leather and features a subtle design. Forgo the mechanical clasps, metal bits, and flashy colors. Those have their place, definitely; but if you want to wear this conservatively, keep it dark, brown, all leather, and simple. Check Leather Braiding by John if you want to get some ideas on potential models. Few people do handsome, understated bracelets better than him. 

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