Gant Rugger FW11 Video

As a grad student who has many friends in the Math department, and as a former chess tournament competitor, let me tell you - nobody dresses like this.

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    We can dream can’t we?
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  5. x1112 said: This is utterly ridiculous. The New Haven Math Club and their shocking intellect ( Quadratic Functions! Chess!) are laughable. Stay in the clothing realm, Rugger.
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    As far as I can figure, there is no such thing as a “science of mathematics”… A big “nice try” to Gant’s marketing...
  7. thesilentist said: So true.
  8. steelwoolgoldenfleece said: if gant rugger made a collection for actual math geeks, it would have to be all sweatpants and threadless shirts
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    Really? Shocking. Next you’re gonna tell me that math geeks don’t look like these guys!
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