Target Me

One of the promises of the internet was that it was going to be able to deliver incredibly targeted advertisements. Companies such as DoubleClick would track your behavior across different sites, build a profile on you, and be able to deliver ads that are actually relevant to your tastes and interests. 

Privacy concerns aside, I think the technology holds a lot of potential for consumers and businesses alike. And it’s coming true, to a degree; I often get ads for clothing even if I’m on a completely unrelated site. 

But it’s not targeted enough. To the people tracking me - I don’t shop at Indochino, please give me the following ads and I will click through every time. 

(oh, and as an aside, I’m kind of excited about the post I made today at Put This On. I encourage you to check it out). 

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  3. x1112 said: i get indochino ads all the time
  4. thesilentist said: I love the Isaia ad. It’s like, “You can look great in our clothes, but if you’re a dick, then we can’t do anything for you when she throws her drink in your face.”
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