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I’ve been having a ridiculously fun time blogging at Put This On. Today, I’m putting up a post about one of the greatest stories in menswear history. It seems kind of ridiculous to announce it on Die, Workwear!, since undoubtedly everyone here already reads PTO, but if you’re somehow not, I encourage you to at least check out my post today. 

Also, it seems some people have been having a hard time telling which posts are written by me and which are by Jesse. There are by-lines at the top of each post, but you need Javascript turned on to be able to see them.

Lastly, it seems I may have Galliano’ed myself at PTO. If anyone has been offended by anything I’ve written, I sincerely apologize. It’s all well-intentioned humor, even if poorly executed. I’ll try to be more sensitive and professional in the future. 

  1. a-differentcloth said: Speaking of the credit cars as shoe horn, I actually did that the same day I read it, as I’m traveling on biz. Now, what to do about shoe trees when traveling???
  2. ajamison said: Just be yourself - your posts on PTO have been fantastic. Appreciate the tips, humor & history. Thanks, Derek.
  3. becomingonewithlife said: For those confused, I think it may have been the “no-shoes policy when visiting Asian friends” comment in the credit-card-as-a-shoe-horn post. Which, I might add, is only offensive if you don’t realize Derek was being humours about his own culture.
  4. evolvingstyle said: I can’t figure out could possibly have been offensive, that you called out the coverage of the J Crew non-controversy?
  5. towerofsleep said: re: that leather story, I really wish finding those hides could have led to someone figuring out the tanning process somehow, rather than just making some very exclusive jawnz.
  6. thesilentist said: I loved today’s post. It’s like as if a menswear nerd wrote the new National Treasure movie.
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