Iron Man

After publishing my post yesterday, I received a few questions about what irons I recommend. Well luckily for me, Rice Peel Off sent me this NYT article about Christopher Ely, one of New York’s premier butlers. Mr. Ely was Brooke Astor’s butler, and he’s been in the trade for about thirty years. This coming April, he will begin teaching week-long classes at the French Culinary Institute on “Laundry Essentials.” Two of those days will be dedicated to just to ironing and steaming lessons. Given his extensive experience and expertise, I suspect his answer is going to be much more valuable than mine. 

So what iron would Mr. Ely recommend? Apparently his favorite is a Rowenta Pro Master DW8080. I’ve yet to use it, but it looks incredible and the reviews are effusive. It may have to go on my wishlist for this year. Hopefully, once I’m armed with the Rowenta, I’ll be able to iron like this:

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