Menswear blogging is like writing for the New York Times. It’s serious business. Sometimes you anxiously lay at night wondering if your story is going to get scooped. Is someone else going to talk about things they found on the Brooks Brothers website? Or publish Tommy Ton’s photos, which have already been published at GQ (but not yet Tumblr, so it’s still underground)? The anxiety kills you sometimes. 

This weekend, FREE/MAN published a great bracelet round up, which is something I had in my queue. The world can be so cruel. I’ve decided to still bring my strong and powerful words to the people, however. The world will not go without another bracelet round up, even if a very popular menswear website just published one. 

Miansai has a great goat skin leather bracelet with a fishing hook. Nothing will secure your fragile sense of manliness more than wearing an item that can double as weapon to kill animals. Get yours at Miansai’s website for $60

Another from Miansai. This one is a double wrap, rope bracelet with a bronze and silver casting. Seriously, this designer has a great knack for making masculine bracelets with no-fuss wearability. Wear this with your fishing hook bracelet and you can have something to dock your boat with after you’ve killed your fish. Price is $68

If nautical hardware is a bit too much for you, check out Flat Head’s woven leather bracelets. The cowhide is hand cut and will naturally develop a golden brown patina over time. Pick it up at Self Edge for $98

If you have a bit more money and would like something a bit more sophisticated than Flat Head’s, check out Tod’s. They’ve been making these for years now. You can get them either in single or duo tone for about $225. Check Saks and Barneys

Japanese label Mr. Olive has a plaited double strap bracelet with a metal coin detail. It comes in red and blue cowhide leather. They’re on sale at LN-CC for $45

YSL’s bracelets come in some of the best colors - navy, patent black, and dark cuoio. The hardware has a YSL engraving, but it’s discrete. Get it at the YSL webstore for $145

Hermes’ jumbo hook bracelet is probably my favorite. It’s much more ideal if you’re a bit older and would like something designed, but a bit more sober than the other options I’m featuring here.  You can find these on Rakuten for about $300 and eBay for about half that. 

OK, $300 for a bracelet is a lot. So let me end with a cheap bracelet on eBay. This Hong Kong seller is offering basic braided bracelets with a metal pop tube clasp for $3.99. You can put this on, go to dark bars, and tell girls it’s a Tatossian. If they don’t know what you’re talking about, just brush it off. A girl who doesn’t know Tatossian probably isn’t worth starting a family with anyway. 

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