Barney’s Second Markdowns


I’m traveling for the holidays, so my writing schedule is a bit impacted. Still, I thought today’s second markdown at Barney’s was worth mentioning. When I was there last, just a couple of weeks ago, I was impressed by their Barbour Beacon line and even some of their collaboration pieces with Saint James. Possibly worth a look, if you’re interested in casualwear. They also have a bunch of Crockett and Jones shoes marked down by 60%, including these pairs of loafers, wingtips, and boots.¬†

I personally picked up a pair of suede John Lobb cap toe oxfords, which you can see above. They’ll be replacing my Crockett and Jones suede Belgraves - partly because I really like John Lobb’s 7000 last for oxfords, and partly because I find Crockett & Jones’ suede too warm in tone¬†(The Simply Refined had a great article on this issue). Quite a deal if you like oxfords, but want it made from a slightly more casual material.

  1. dskasak said: I picked up a pair of Barneys Co-op plain toe bluchers: A pair of socks also got me free 2-day shipping. Merry Xmas to my feet!
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