Brooks Brothers’ Five Day Sale

Brooks Brothers’ “five day sale” starts today, where each day will have a different category of items on sale for twenty-four hours only. Today is sweaters; tomorrow is outerwear and accessories; Wednesday is women’s clothing; Thursday is men’s tailored clothing; and Friday is shirts and ties. Excitingly, the discount will be 40% off for the first three days, before dropping to 30% for the last two. 

For today’s sale, I bought one of their Shetland sweaters in Oatmeal Heather and plan to wear it with my waxed cotton Barbour, light blue OCBD, a pair of dark brown corduroys, and some shell cordovan boots, as you see below. I also picked up this suede jacket earlier this season, and promise you it looks better in real life than it does online. It’s conservative and simple in styling, but the subtle stand-up collar adds a little panache, I think. 

Unfortunately, this sale won’t include shoes, but it might be a good time to stock up on basics, such their oxford-cloth button down shirts and merino v-neck sweaters. They also have some interesting flannel trousers this season, but it’s been too long that I’ve tried them on for me to recommend a particular model. I know their Milano is their appeal to younger customers who like slim clothing, but I vaguely remember them not being high enough waisted for me. Maybe I’ll stop in and check out their flat fronted Fitzgeralds. 

(Pictured below: light blue OCBD by Sid Mashburn; waxed cotton jacket by Barbour; Shetland sweater by Brooks Brothers; wide-waled brown corduroy trousers by Ralph Lauren; shell cordovan boots by Brooks Brothers

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