Napoli Su Misura

I picked up my first sport coat from Napoli Su Misura two weeks ago, and it’s as great as I could have hoped. Soft shouldered, draped cut, and a tight skirt to hide the fact that I have a small upper chest. Add to this the exceptional fit and Neapolitan details, and I have a new navy hopsack sport jacket that I think will replace my other two.

I’m hoping to place a few more orders next week. The first will be the cigar linen suit that I’ve talked about before. The second is a junior navy Fresco made into a single breasted, 3/2 roll sport coat with triple patch pockets, double stitching, and spalla camicia sleeves. I haven’t decided yet whether I’d like a single- or three-button sleeve, but the general spirit here is to have something casual, but distinguished, for hot summer days. The fabric is the lighter of the two shades you see above. 

The third order will be a brown checked sport coat for fall, either in a gun club or houndstooth check pattern. This will have the same details as the Fresco, but given the more complicated pattern, I’ll opt for a barchetta breast pocket and no double stitching. Otherwise, I’m afraid it might look too busy. Finally, a length of light-grey Minnis flannel will be used for some odd trousers. Flat fronted, slightly high rise, with a very slight taper. Ideally something like the silhouette Alain Delon wore in High Noon.

In my last meeting with Dino, he asked if I wanted the trousers made with a zippered fly or “tailor style,” by which he apparently meant a French Fly configuration with an excessive number of buttons, like you see below. I choose tailor style. For some reason, I find these much more enjoyable to put on in the morning, but the trade-off is that they’re not very practical if you use public restrooms. People tend to get suspicious if you stand at a urinal for five minutes fiddling with your groin area.

There’s an upside and downside to everything, I suppose.  

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