That girl in the middle looks nervous and shifty. Methinks she got that black trench at a cheap Buy It Now price on eBay. 

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    but THIS!
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    Lagerfeld, a tireless hero in keeping the unwashed masses at bay.
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    This is the part of fashion I disagree with. Fashion is not determined by price, it’s determined by identity. Just...
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    "I hate sales, I think they’re quite degrading." Karl Lagerfeld suggests a sort of fashion caste system, whereby all...
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    Word, Jesse. Word.
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    That’s the look of a woman trying to process the fact that Karl Lagerfeld is saying that it’s degrading for people to...
  10. coldestwintour said: You mean Bee Shaffer, Anna Wintour’s daughter? Haha, doubt she got it off eBay.
  11. brooklynesque said: she looks like she’s trying to remember if she left her stove on at home.
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