Ascot Chang’s US Tour

Ascot Chang delivered me a package over the weekend. Inside was a sample shirt from my latest order, as well as some fabric swatches I requested. The great thing about having a high-quality custom shirtmaker is that you can get the exact shirts you want, whenever you want. No more relying on designers each season, hoping that they’ll have exactly what you’re looking for. Once a shirtmaker has your pattern down, you can just request swatches, pick the style, and order remotely.

Pictured here are English cotton/ wool blends - both in solid colors and plaid patterns - which will be suitable for weekend-wear in the fall with things such as Barbour jackets and corduroy trousers. On the next page are their Italian linen counterparts, which I hope to wear next summer. I also requested something “light, minty green,” a workwear chambray, and some pinwale corduroys. All casual shirtings, essentially, for both seasonal and year-round use. The chambray is a bit lighter and smoother than I expected, but Justin at Ascot Chang tells that they may have something rougher in development for tcny (the company’s line for younger men) sometime in the future.

If you’re thinking about getting custom shirts made, I strongly recommend stopping by one of Ascot Chang’s many international locations. All of my shirts from them fit cleanly through the chest, torso, and arms, with no pulling or blousing anywhere. The service they provide is also just as excellent as their products. So good, in fact, that I’ve been slowly replacing all my shirts with Ascot Chang’s (including both dress and casual).

If you don’t have an Ascot Chang store near you, but are located in the United States, know that the company is doing a trunk show tour from now until the end of November. You can find the tour dates here and contact Ascot Chang directly to make appointments.

To learn more about Ascot Chang, you read my interview with them here.

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