Bringing Steed to California

If you happen to live in California (particularly San Francisco, but Los Angeles may also do), know that I’m trying to organize a visit by Steed Bespoke Tailors. Edwin DeBoise, who’s the founder and cutter of the operation, trained at the London College of Fashion before working under the legendary Edward Sexton (Tommy Nutter). This was then followed by seven years at Anderson & Sheppard, after which he founded Steed in 1995 with his then partner Thomas Mahon (who has since gone on to start his own tailoring house in Cumbria).

Steed’s style is heavily rooted in Edwin’s training at Anderson & Sheppard. Jackets are made with that distinctive, soft, English drape cut – meaning the chest fits a bit fuller, giving the wearer the illusion of a more masculine, athletic shape. Particularly beneficial, I think, for those us who may not be the most Olympian looking of men. The high armholes, minimally padded shoulders, and shaped waist also makes for a very comfortable and stylish silhouette. I think this style is particularly well suited for those corduroys, heavy flannels, and tweeds men like to wear when the temperatures drop. Neapolitan for spring/summer, English for fall/ winter.

Steed currently has a few interesting offers. There’s a 20% off discount if you use fabrics from London Lounge’s Cloth Club. They also have a  “Build a Wardrobe” promotion, where one can commission “sets” of things at a time in order to build a basic wardrobe. You can see what fabrics are available for this promotion here. Finally, with all orders, Steed has a nice online feature for customers, where you can login to their website and get updates as your commissions proceed along. Process being as enjoyable as product when it comes to bespoke, I think this is a rather nice innovation.

At the moment, Edwin only visits Chicago and various parts of the East Coast. I’d like to add California to his travel itinerary. We currently have four interested parties in San Francisco; a few more and we’ll have enough to make his trip here worthwhile. If you’re in California (or visit often), join me in bringing Steed to the Golden State. You can comment in this thread I’ve set up at StyleForum, send me a private message on that board, or email me directly using the link on right-hand side of my site. I look forward to hearing from you.

(Photos from Steed Bespoke Tailors)

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