Introducing Linkson Jack

It feels like a good time for classic men’s clothing. Every few months, it seems that a new, notable business starts up. The latest entrant is Linkson Jack, an online purveyor of high-quality men’s accessories, such as Onoto fountain pens, Abbeyhorn ox horn brushes and combs, and a range of fine leather goods. They have leather document portfolios, for example, which have been hand cut from bridle leather and lined with pig suede. A considerably nice item to have if one needs to shuttle documents from the office to meeting rooms every day.

Linkson Jack also offers an interesting bespoke boxes service. These gentlemen boxes are handmade out of high-quality hardwood timbers and specifically designed to meet each client’s needs. Computer generated drawings, which can be adjusted, are given to each client before the project goes forward. Little compartments can be created for each of your cufflinks, for example, and embellishments such as inlay monograms can be added to the top of the box. A really nice gift, albeit it does come at some cost.

More affordable are the horn accessories and neckties. I use an ox horn comb myself, which I bought from A Suitable Wardrobe (one of my favorite online shops). Cheap combs have the disadvantage of being made from two pieces of plastic that have been fused together. This creates a rough, sawtooth “ridge” going up and down the middle of the comb, which can damage one’s hair when you use it. Horn combs, on the other hand, are perfectly smooth and don’t carry static. They’re also just much better to look at than the low-end, drugstore variety. As I mentioned at Put This On, Linkson has a coupon code right now that puts this horn comb at $18, shipped.

Perhaps most exciting is the store’s range of EG Cappelli ties. EG Cappellis are, in my opinion, some of the finest neckties in the world. They knot and drape beautifully, like every good necktie should, but also feature a bit more visible handwork along the spine. This doesn’t add to the tie’s function or anything, but it’s a nice detail for those who appreciate artisanal qualities. I was mistaken yesterday when I said their discount code (TENG+) doesn’t apply to EG Cappelli ties; apparently it does. That puts these handsome autumn ties, regimental ties, and yes, even grenadine ties at just under $90. Compare that to the ~$150 they used to retail for.

Linkson, the shop’s proprietor, tells me he’s expecting to get some vitreous enamel cufflinks, exclusive leather goods, and one-of-a-kind hardwood desktop boxes in the future. Certainly a shop to keep an eye on. 

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