Howlin’ by Morrison’s Fair Isle Scarves

This past weekend, I was admiring these Fair Isle scarves by Morrison, a 30-year old knitwear company that designs in Belgium and produces in Scotland and Ireland. The scarves are part of the company’s “Howlin’ by Morrison” line, which is a sub-division that was started two years ago by the founders’ sons. The company’s website describes Morrison as “classic” and Howlin’ as a “playful counterpart full of colour, irony and owls.” I’m skeptical of the subdivision’s “hipness,” but the Fair Isle scarves look nice and I wanted to buy one. 

At $75 or so per scarf, once you discount for VAT, their products are fairly enticing. That’s at least half the price of Drake’s Fair Isle scarves. Shipping, however, turned out to be outrageous - a whopping $75 just for sending one scarf. Now, I know shipping from Belgium is considerably more expensive than other international shipments, but $75?

Luckily, we have stockists such as Oi PolloiFrans Boone, and End Clothing. They don’t have the full range of scarves, but at least shipping isn’t $75. 

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